So you’re getting married.

Boutique event styling service, specialising in weddings, parties and functions.

An exciting time. Dreams; hopes: we all have expectations for how we want our wedding day to be. You may have made one of the most important and defining decisions of your life, to marry the one you love and embark on a journey of marriage. As you plan the special day together there will be many more decisions to make — some important, some not. All of your decisions will reflect on what your day will be like. You know that decision is a stress for a brides to be; luckily there are people here to help make it a smooth and enjoyable process. A wedding planner would love to be of service to you and offer services from creative design through to the complete set up.

You want your special event is going to look fantastic. You'll find a wedding planner and beauty studio that loves to share her creativity.

Find a boutique styling studio to discuss your needs sooner rather than later. Worth the effort…we think so!